Intuit Quickbooks Online

Extend your business limits with Intuit QuickBooks Online accounting tool

Many individuals who run their businesses, selling consumer goods or rendering professional services to clients, often needs to coincide with growth and productivity. These are the two important aspects, other than earning revenue that help these businesses sustain in the competitive market.

For quite a long time, businesses in the small, medium and large-scale sectors have been constantly seeking new approaches that can make their business management more efficient. From accounting to customer relationship management, every business, small or big, has to carry out tremendous operations on a daily basis. Thus, if a business is still following the traditional methods of carrying out their business activities, then it’s time to let go of the old methods and adopt better platforms for growing a business successfully.

The use of modern technology can do a lot more than what traditional methods could not deliver. Technically speaking, using a feature-rich software application on a computer or device can help a business extend its limits. Thus, when the limits of a software application become boundless, there appears a new platform for a much-improved business management operations.

This is actively fulfilled by the Intuit QuickBooks Online software accounting tool. Intuit is the manufacturing company of several series of the QuickBooks business accounting application. QuickBooks Online is one of the widely popular series of their line of the accounting products for small businesses. If you own a small-scale business, you can do a lot of accounting tasks that are not just limited to bookkeeping. The QuickBooks Online software product offers plenty of functions to help you manage your business easily.

Discover the capabilities of Intuit QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online from Intuit delivers responsive functions that help you complete tasks effectively and maintain your financial data in an organized manner. Whether it is your sales, purchases, income, and expenditure, QuickBooks Online is the tool you need for managing your business activities from a single platform. Not only you can maintain financial statements and records of your business, this accounting tool lets you prepare invoices for your customers for the items you sold, while also giving you the functionality of e-mailing invoices to your customers. There are plenty of other things which you can do with Intuit QuickBooks Online when installing on your desktop computer.

The QuickBooks Online tool supports certain third-party applications to make business operations efficient. It lets you import Excel file, which is the most common application for keeping data of various financial statements, charts, tables, reports, etc., into your QuickBooks Online accounting software tool to view and customize all your financial data.

To further enhance your business management operations, Intuit QuickBooks Online is offered in three editions. These are:

  1. QuickBooks Online Simple Start
  2. QuickBooks Online Essentials
  3. QuickBooks Online Plus

Intuit QuickBooks Online Simple Start is the basic edition in the accounting product series. This edition of the QuickBooks Online software product focuses on the micro-businesses that are primarily run by individuals and entrepreneurs. If your business is operated by a single individual, then the Intuit QuickBooks Online Simple Start edition is a suitable choice. It lets you perform all the basic activities which you carry out on a daily basis and maintain records of your income and expenses.

The QuickBooks Online Essentials is a superior edition of the Intuit QuickBooks Online Simple Start edition of the business accounting product tool. This edition has all the functionalities that are provided in the QuickBooks Online Simple Start edition and includes additional functionalities, such as bill payments and creating reports instantly. It is a great tool for small businesses.

The third category is the Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus edition. In a nutshell, this is the enhanced edition of the business accounting tool which includes all the functionalities of both the QuickBooks Online Simple Start and Essentials editions and also adds more advanced functionalities like tracking your inventory and preparing 1099s for your contractors. Thus, small businesses which deal in selling various types of commodities to customers can use Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus edition for performing several enhanced tasks.

Intuit QuickBooks Online and its different editions can make your business experience much better and achieve objectives without letting you stop at anything.